Blue Wave Financial works with motivated sales professionals in the high profit margin industry of life insurance. Our agents and agency owners help individuals and families across the country find life insurance and retirement solutions to protect their futures.


We have partnered with industry leading carriers to bring a diverse portfolio of products to support all clients. Our agents follow-up with families that have requested assistance and work with them to create a solution that best fits their needs and budget.


We have both part time and full time opportunities available. Due to the industry being highly regulated, we require all agents and managers to be licensed to sell the products we solicit.


We have a local office in Sarasota, Florida and our clients are located in all 50 States.  For more information on working with Blue Wave Financial please use the link provided to schedule a time to speak with us.

Why Partner and Build a Sales Team?

Hiring FAQ

1. Do I need to have an insurance license to work with Blue Wave Financial, LLC?


Yes. The insurance industry is highly regulated. All of our agents must have, or obtain, a life insurance producer’s license for the state in which they reside in order to write business.


2. Can I get my license on-line?


Yes and no. In most cases you can do all your state required pre-licensing studying online. We partner with ExamFX to provide our agents with the best course in the industry.  You will be required to take your license exam at a state approved facility. ExamFX will help you locate the licensing facility nearest you.


3. Can I start part-time?


Yes. Many of our most successful agents started part-time while they kept their 9-5 job, before transitioning into a full-time career with Blue Wave Financial.


4. Are there opportunities for advancement into management?


Yes. We love promoting managers and our agency development system is designed to help train and support agents who would like to build an agency of any size.


5. Can an agent earn a higher contract?


Absolutely. We have the highest compensation package in the life insurance industry. Individual producing agents at Blue Wave Financial, LLC can earn top contracts that are normally only given to agency managers. Agency managers have the ability to earn contracts that surpass the IMO level.


6. Do agents use leads?


Prospecting is crucial for any sales organization.  If pestering friends and family to buy insurance isn't your thing, our parent company develops their own high quality leads available for purchase.  We also work with multiple third party lead providers so that our agents have the access to the most qualified prospects. 

Click here to view a sample internet life insurance lead

Click here to view a sample mortgage protection life insurance lead


7. How many leads does the average agent need?


On average, our full-time agents use 10-15 new mortgage protection leads a week or 50-60 instant internet leads. Part-time agents typically use less leads.


8. Are agents paid commission only?


Yes, our agents are 1099 independent contractors and earn their income from commissions and bonuses paid directly by our various insurance companies. 

9. Are agents required to work from the office?


No. Most agents work from their home office to schedule appointments with clients.  To best serve our clients, we meet face to face at their homes. As a result of Covid-19 our insurance carriers also allow non-face-to-face sales.

10. Does Blue Wave Financial operate in all 50 States?


Blue Wave Financial sells life insurance products throughout the US except for New York State. Agents can sell products only in the States in which they hold resident or non-resident licenses.


11. How much can a new agent make?


The average up front commission per sale is roughly $500. Our full-time agents typically submit 5 applications per week resulting in a 6-figure plus income.  We have many part-time agents who work a couple days a week and earn an extra $500 - $1,500 to supplement their current income.


12. Are there any fees to join the Blue Wave Financial team?


No. And we are proud of that! We are in the business of selling insurance. We view our agents as business partners and want our agents to reach their full sales potential in a professional atmosphere. That is why we do not have any contracting fees, membership fees, special club fees, CRM fees, contract promotion fees, or training university fees.

12. What is Blue Wave Financial's hiring strategy?


We are always searching for our next superstar but not a "the more the merrier" type of insurance agency. Ultimately we have found that candidates with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and desire to be their own boss strive here. We tend to look for employment history that indicates self motivation and a strong desire to win at a high level.